Flooring in Birmingham by CAINE FLOORING 

"Premier flooring specialists, we take the time to ensure your flooring requirements are done right "

Whether you're after Commercial Flooring or Residential flooring you're in the right hands.

We're Leading the way in the supply and installation of many different types of Carpets, Safety flooring, Vinyl flooring, Laminate flooring and much more including floor levelling and floor repair, and we cover a massive sector of the flooring industry not only in Birmingham but UK wide, 

It truly is a premier service that we endeavour to keep improving too, from wider gripper with more gripping power to more substantial underlays with taped seams, our plywoods are class 3 flooring grade so wont buckle under moisture or delaminate, our range of levelling compounds can be used on any subfloor and will always be well primed and free of dust, Carpets will always be powerstretched rather than just knee kicked, Safety flooring will always be installed watertight and to requirements, the list goes on.

Some of our recent Projects include not only homes, but Airports, Hotels, Bespoke design floors, Educational buildings, Hospitals, Letting agent Property maintenance, Offices, Restaurants and Retail.

No Job too big, or small for that matter!

Our aim is to make every customer our biggest fan. 

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